Imam Amir - ul - Mumineen Ali (A.S.) said:

"The worth of every man is in his attainments."

Nahjul Balaghah, Saying No.482

Note: The real value of a person is in his knowledge (and the perfection of his attainments). His worth and position would be in accordance with the status of knowledge and attainments he holds. Eyes that are conscious of real values do not look at the face, features, tallness of stature, size or worldly pomp and position but look at the attainments of a person and assess his worth according to these attainments. The conclusion is that a man should strive to acquire distinction and knowledge.

The worth of every person is according to the extent of his knowledge.

Ghurar -ul- Hakam, p. 341

With an aim to increase the educational level of the students of the community the institution has been serving the Society in different areas of education (both school and Arabic classes as well) since 1975. Institution started with a very limited work of textbook distribution. The institution gradually increased the works step by step, firstly giving educational aid then administrating different Arabic classes all over Gujarat, starting tuition classes, imparting computer education and building a community hostel. More than 15 Youths of our community have been serving the society under the guardianship of IMAM-E- ZAMANA. (A.S.)

As the small plant has grown to a huge tree we thank to Almighty Allah and pray to Him to strengthen this tree and make it a cool and shadowed place for the entire community.

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